Nina Rudawski


Dalateatern, Falun 2023


DEN FULE (The Ugly One)

by Marius von Mayenburg

Lette is a man in his prime. He is succesful, competent and happily married to the love of his life. Then one day he finds out about a terrible truth – he is incredibly ugly. So ugly that he cannot possibly be the one to present his great invention at the prestigious tech-conference. He goes to extreme measures and decides to have plastic surgery, to fix his face and his life. He becomes immensely handsome, and everything changes.

The Ugly one is a twisted, absurd Comedy, a dark fairy tale for grown-ups about today’s personal marketing society. The self has become a commodity, Beauty has become marketing, personal stories are turned into business potential. How does one make sure not to lose oneself, in a world where we are forced to constantly be strategic about who we are and how we present ourselves? What is left of our selves when we have fine-tuned our image, curated our looks and perfected our social media feeds?

Director: Nina Rudawski

Scenography and costumes: Anna Dolata

Light design: Anna Wemmert Clausen

Sound design: Jacobe Suissa Artved

Choreography: Ossi Niskala

Masque design: Cajsa Jackson

Actors: Mala Kyndel, Joel Torstensson, Patrik Pettersson,  Sofia Rönnegård

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