Nina Rudawski


After several years of education and performance making in the role of actress in Sweden, Nina Rudawski has furthered her education and artistic practice into the realm of directing at the Danish school of performing arts in Copenhagen. She graduated in January 2023.

As a director her interest lies in the political through the lens of the personal, how norms and societal structures affect bodies and minds and influence relationships and narratives. She is drawn to the grotesque and the absurd, to interdisciplinary performance art, immersive theatre, and physical movement as a way of telling a story. Her inspirations lie in fairy-tales, myths, magic, literature, the subconscious and dreams that make their way into everyday life in times of crisis.

She is passionate about creating an equal art world that includes the voices of many, one that makes the theatre a space for reflection and discussion on the world we live in, as well as a space for overwhelming experiences, that tickle the senses and bring comfort to wounded hearts.

Nina is based in Stockholm, Sweden, working in both Denmark and Sweden as well as internationally. She speaks Swedish, Danish, Polish and English. 

You’ll find my CV here