Nina Rudawski


The Danish National School of Performing Arts  – 2020

Turister Ddsks P1066255
Turister Ddsks P1066588

A dark comedy about fear of the unknown. 

In a near future, far away from here, 4 tourists meet at a popular holiday destination. But the place is not what they had hoped for, and while the tourists start to fear for their safety, their own strictly controlled facades and masks crumble to reveal their true selves. How can you ever really know who a person truly is? Who can you. trust?

And what was it that really happened on that holiday?

Director: Nina Rudawski

Scenography: Sigrid Andreasson

Light design: Viktor Holm Lauridsen

Sound design: Eliza Bozek

Props and Stage craft: Anders Toft

Producer: Ulrikke Hermansen

Performance producer: Rose Lerstrup

Actors: Christian Iversen, Maria Winther Nørgaard, Katja Kvistgaard, Joachim Kubel

Photo: Marcus Uhre