Nina Rudawski


The Danish National School of Performing Arts  – 2021

Medealand Cw0a1407

Welcome to Medealand.

In a world far, far away, inhabited by machines, myths and goddesses, where dream and reality float together and time and space have seized to exist, there you will meet Medea. Ever struggling, ever in love and betrayed, ever a mother and an outsider and a woman, but above all – forever forced to relive her tragic story over and over again. Can she ever be free? Who is forcing her to stay in this world? And is it possible to forgive someone who kills her own children?

 The Swedish writer and play-write Sara Stridsberg has written a modern re-telling based up Euripides’s Greek tragedy Medea. Medealand is an exploration of woman as myth becoming reality in the collective unconscious. A surrealist, feminist dream-play about motherhood, female archetypes and the lack of ways to create your own story in a society that does not provide help for the helpless.

Director: Nina Rudawski

Scenography: Mai Katsume

Sound design: Jes Theede

Actors: Aske Hass Thorsen, Stephanie Nguyen, Tryggvi sæberg Björnsson, Nanna Valentin Jørgensen

Foto: Peder Fredskild

Medealand – GALLERI